I graduated from college in 1976. My first job was at the arcade video game maker Cinematronics, Inc. that became famous for the Space Wars game. Before that, as my first project after graduation, I created the hardware and software for a game called Embargo.

CON MAN w/ Alan Tudyk & Nathan Fillion

If you are a Firefly/Serenity fan then you may want to get in on this Indigogo campaign. I did. Alan Tudyk wrote the script based on his Comic Con experiences, populating it with the many quirky characters he met along the way. There's an intro video and a teaser scene from the show on the Indigogo page.

Sci-fi Web Series: Rotor DR1

Rotor DR1 is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi web series. So far they have published four episodes and are anxious to get your input for future episodes. Click title for more ...

Sense & Color Music School Showcase Sample

The Sense & Color Music School has a showcase for the students each year. Click the title to see a montage of some of those performances.

Two-Day Suitcase

My friends in the band Two-Day Suitcase performed live at The Speakeasy in Austin, Texas to a sold out crowd on Friday, March 8th, 2014. We shot the whole night with four cameras, then edited what we got down to the songs that came off the best. Click title to see the videos.

A Cold Day in Austin

Back in January 2014 we had freezing weather here in Austin. Temperatures that cold are unusual here but it gave me a chance to shoot something unique. Click title to see the video.

Short Film: Isthmus

In 2006 some friends and I created this short film. "Two people living lives of quiet desperation ... make a connection."

New Web Site

Welcome to the new, improved Shaver Associates web site
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